Olympic Genocide

These aspects of the candidacy of Sochi reveals that it is apparently against the Olympism which is grounded on the following goals and missions:

  • The goal of the Olympic Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world.
  • One of the missions of the International Olympic Commitee is to oppose any political or commercial abuse of the Olympics.

Among the political motivations of Russian authorities are the gross distortion of the facts about the past and the present of Caucasia, the efforts to normalize her imperial mentality in the public domain and to legitimate her anti-democratic and repressive acts in Caucasus, and the jeopardization of the stabilization and peace efforts in the region.

Never-ending conflicts, wars, assaults and human rights violations have come to be the daily products of life in Caucasia for centuries due to Russia ‘s imperial policies and activities. Our ancestors were the victims of massacres and exile committed by Russia. And life in many parts of Caucasia is still far from the normal.

This candidacy, as part of a large-scale public relations exercise in favour of Russia  is a manipulative act to mislead the public about the history and the today of Caucasia.

In relation to the candidacy of Sochi , nothing has been asked to the local population. However, public support and consent have always been one of the basic criteria regarding the selection of the host city of the Olympics. Further, it has already aroused stiff oppositions of some of the representatives of local residents. Russian authorities, however, had no hesitation in their attempts to silence these oppositions instead of adopting a reasonable approach for understanding and resolving these oppositions.

This candidacy, in this respect, is an apparent perpetuation of Russia ‘s anti-democratic and oppresive acts in Caucasia.

Together with Russian authorities’ previous repressive activities in Caucasia such as the silencing of opposing views in media and hindrances to the activities of NGOs, Russia ‘s recent attempts to silence the oppositions to this candidacy are also a clear manifestation of Russia ‘s other prospective military activities in the region. Russian authorities, as usual, seem to have every confidence in doing anything to achieve their political ends.

This candidacy is, thus, a major threat to the peace and stabilization efforts in Caucasus.

Another crucial point-of-impact issue is Russia ‘s indifference to environmental and ecological massacre which will be brought about by the construction of huge sport facilities and resorts in the region. Yet, an important part of the Sochi district has been inscribed in the world heritage list of UNESCO. This flagrant act of environmental irresponsibility is totally incompatible with the goals of Olympic Movemet which aims to contribute to building a better world.

This candidacy is, in this regard, an obvious violation of the spirit of the olympism on political and ecological grounds.

We do not lend our consent to this environmental catastrophe!

We take a firm stand against all forms of manipulation, disinformation and violence planted by Russian authorities in the candidacy of Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics!

We once again express our strong opposition to the political abuse of Olympicism and violation of environmentalism by means of the Olympics. Because, otherwise is against the subtext of the Olympics which is peace and freedom!

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