Sochi Olympics – Enviromental Catastrophe

Putin declares that the creation of huge and luxurious skiing resorts and sport facilities are very important transformation for the sake of regional economy. But as it’s well known, all transformations must be carried on in a way that does not victimize the ecology, the culture and the past of that region.

It is very clear in this case that the opposite will happen;

Any infrastructural operation for the Winter Olympics will cause a huge environmental disaster in the “Protected Natural Sites” of Sochi . But the illegal constructions are still being carried on, in spite of the opposition from environment experts. If these constructions are not stopped, the rare species of Northern Caucasus, such as brown bears, mountain goats, otters and wild Caucasus cats will be extinguished from the world heritage list of UNESCO. The candidacy of Sochi is an evident violation of the region’s environmental needs.

This transformation will victimize the inhabitants of Sochi in a more direct way too. They will be forced to emigration; because this land will be used for Olympic constructions. In the model of the Olympic Facilities, even the private homes of the local people are not included.

And nothing is asked to them, in an unsurprising way, while all these critical decisions about their lives are being taken. Moreover, the opponent voices are apparently being silenced by force.

But neither they, nor we are prone to stay quiet!

Russia with its insistent candidacy -in spite of the all opponent voices- makes the Olympics a “pawn” for a huge ecological and ethnic “cleansing”. Russia damages and militarizes the Olympic symbol of peace and freedom in Sochi . As Caucasus Forum, We strongly announce to see to Olympics soul, environmental sensitivity as well as our ancestors heritage and support Olympics Genocide campaign with our all sincerely.

4 April 2007

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