A Call From Circassians: "Recognise Circassian Genocide"

In spite of the rain, there were over 1000 Circassians  marched accompained by the slogans “21 May is the day of resistance”, “Indepented Cherkessia, Indepented Caucasus”, “No Sochi Olympics”. Besides the call “Recognize Circassian Genocide” the protest of winter olympics which will be organized in Sochi in 2014 also drew attention.
In front of the Russian Consulate, in the activity that the police take intensified securty measures, the activitsts came with the slogan “Murderer Russia Get Out Of Caucasus”. People also participated in the event with big numbers.
The protest continued with a pres statement. Circassians called for a boycott emphasizing that Sochi, the place where the winter olympics will be organised, is the greatest witness of Circassian Genoside.
In front of the Russian Consulate, it is underlined in the pres statement that Adige, Ubih Abaza people have been subjected to genocide.
In the press statement, which says that Russia is trying to make  forget the facts and the genocide, Russia, who thinks that she can alienate the Circassians to their history with their voluntary participation, continues to punish and kill her adverses.
The activitists demanding the right to self-determination, hanged together in the 146. Anniversary of Circassian Genocide and demanded from the whole civilised world and international institutions and organizations that they recognize 21 May and Circassian Genocide and Exile.
The protest ended after press release.
22.05.2010, Istanbul

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