Good Morning Russia

Fans of Spartak Moscow carried out one of their typical attacks in Moscow on December 6th. Aslan Cherkesov, who is originally from Kabardino Balkaria, responded to the assault carried by his attackers and unfortunately caused the death of one of them. The response to this act of self-defense was a hideous display of intolerant Moscow fascism. Thousands of protestors blocked the streets to traffic and brutally attacked “outsiders”. While the slogan “Russia for Russians!” was echoing through the streets of Moscow, the tolerance showed by police to the attackers was clearly the realization of your years-long state policy. The apathy to rising fascism and the policy to deepen discrimination is the most significant factor behind these terrible events. These events are not due to the oversight or insensitivity of leadership. They are the direct result of a cynical policy you had implemented long ago.

The skinhead and the neo-Nazi groups that turned the streets of Moscow into a battle field today came into existence through Putin’s youth party, Nashie. This organization, to which you give moral and financial support, has hundreds of thousands of members who are no different than Hitler Youth. Instead of taking precautions, you preferred to ignore the crimes and protect the criminals. Your solution to growing corruption, unhindered bribery, the mafia-police oligarchy state system and growing poverty, is fascism. Your target is firstly the Caucasians and all other Non-Slavic Russian Federation citizens. The mortar of the Putin regime’s hollow charisma is fascism. Having been one of the victims who paid a heavy price for it, history should have proven to you what kind of disaster fascism is.

On December 6th, Aslan Çherkesov used his right of self-defense against the hooligans who were attacking him. Even that unfortunate event represents the reason behind the conflicts you face with Caucasians, including your invasion of Chechnya. You force the people of the Caucasus region to self-defense and then you punish them for it. While your ugly face is totally visible now, we invite you to accept that the Cherkesov experience is the common destiny of the Caucasians. We invite you to accept your responsibility for the consequences. We invite you to face your reality.

We call all the democrats of Russia to take initiative to stop the racist violence expanding to mass crowds and spreading by the day.  The fate of Cherkesov, as well as the steps you will take against racist violence, will determine the Caucasian perspective of the Russian State and consciousness. We believe that reestablishing a democratic culture, freed from the shadow of fascism, is critical to preventing new disastrous events. We call out to all the democratic powers of Russia:


Ankara Nart
Avcılar Caucasus Assoc.
Caucasus House (Kafkasevi)
Caucasus Forum
Caucasus Foundation
Circassian Assoc. of California
Circassian Cultural Institute, New Jersey
Circassian Institute Munich
Circassian Initiative for Democracy
Eskişehir North Caucasus Culture and Solidarity Assoc.
Justice For North Caucasus Group
United Caucasus Assoc.

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