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The 2014 Sochi Olympic Games will take place in the 150th anniverssary of the Circassian genocide. Circassian genocide which is still being ignored and not recognized by Russia, was conducted through military operations implemented in order to deliberately exterminate native people of Circassia. Olympic Stadiums and facilities constructed in Sochi, stand over mass graves of Circassians murdered mercilessly during the genocide. This historical event which still has influences in Caucasus and at diaspora, can not be shown as “a quirk of fate” as stated in the letter of Mr. Ankuab to the diaspora( Expressions used in this letter for the Diaspora opposition which tries to carry the historical fact to world public opinion and for campaigns of this opposition against the rejection policies of Russia, do not reflect the reality. The “denial and slenderer” style of this letter which invites the Diaspora to ignore the genocide and exile of Adiges, Abkhazians and other peoples of Caucasus, carries the characteristic of defending interests of a certain clan but not of a nation or people. It is not possible to think the rigid attitude of Diaspora activists in that issue apart from the rigid denial policies of Russia. President of Abkhazia Mr. Ankuab and some figures in Diaspora institutions by ignoring these facts have tried to explain the impassable attitude of the global opposition with Georgia’s provocations. This strong movement which re-incarnates the Circassian identity has never delivered to the interest of any global actor since the first day it has started till now. As the many members and representatives from Abkhazian Diaspora, we would like to remind you the formation process of the global opposition which we are part of.

Since Sochi has been candidate for Olympic Games, Diaspora carries the Circassian genocide to the agenda of public opinion within the framework of Sochi Olympic Games. In order to prevent Sochi to be chosen as the host city for Olympic Games, signatures which were collected with the slogan of “ Do not Exterminate Sochi” at the campaign started with the name “Olympic Genocide”, were transmitted to the Olympic Committee through a letter explaining our demands with the support of diaspora organisations from several countries. Nevertheless, though all these efforts, after Sochi became the host city of Olympic Games, in order to form a more effective organisation, the platform of “No Sochi 2014” was formed ( The core of the activities of this platform formed with the participation of 9 different non-governmental organisations from 5 different countries consists of standing against the Circassian genocide and preventing the realisation of Sochi Olympic Games. Also through the “May21” initiative formed within the framework of this organisation, each year on 21th May, we ceaselessly exclaim this fact with demonstrations in front of Russian Embassies in 5 different countries, as Russia is the only responsible of Circassian genocide ( Participants of all these processes, which formed the opposition movement, are representatives of Circassian Diaspora. This movement takes its strenght completely from the society. The claim that this process which is formed with the dynamics of Circassian diaspora, has started and has been implemented through initiatives of the U.S and Georgia, is baseless. Also, while limited activities implemented with the initiative of Tiblisi are viewed with suspicion by the large Diaspora mass, nobody can claim that thousands of people who filled the squares and streets with Circassian and Abkhazian flags carry the aim of protecting interests of other countries.

After this remind, we would like to clearly indicate that, the opposition movement existed with diaspora’s own dynamics, has never had an agenda of doing works for the plans of neither Georgia nor any other countries. Nevertheless, the basic aim of the expression built by acting in concert by some certain groups is to show the Circassian opposition as a US-Georgian motivated movement. The Circassian opposition movement is intended to become marginalized through the discourse of Abkhazia and Abkhaz-Adyghe brotherhood by being compressed to the US-Georgian axis. Implementers of this plan formed around the security anxieties of Russia are unfortunately some members of Adyghe and Abkhaz societies. The genocide opposition, while on the one hand, is intended to be shown as a US-Georgian motivated movement, on the other hand, through the manipulation of this expression, brothership of people are tried to be spoiled. Again within this framework, we would like to draw attention to the existence of the ones who see the genocide expression as if consisting of attacking Abkhazia and Abkhazians. The basic aim of these structures which intend to put the Circassian opposition under Georgian control and attaches Circassians’ future to conflict among brother nations, is to exterminate the influence and potential of the genocide opposition through manipulation by creating problems among brother nations.

Apart from expressions in the letter of President of Abkhazia Alexander Ankuab, Adyghe and Abkhaz people not as “a quirk of fate” but as a result of an unprecedented genocide, were exiled from their territories. As stated in the first article of the 15 October 1997 dated resolution of the Assembly of the Republic of Abkhazia, events that happened as a result of Russia’s colonial policies during the 19th century have been defined as the biggest crime against humankind- genocide ( We wonder how President of Abkhazia defines the genocide which is recognized by the Abkhaz State as Georgia’s provocation against Russia. We know that, among nations that have been affected from Circassian genocide, there are also Abkhazians. The reaction after Georgia’s recognition of Circassian genocide should not be expressions that are aiming to prevent the politization of the Circassian problem but rather should be to remind Georgia that Abkhazians were also affected from this genocide as well as Adyghes.  As in the letter of President of Abkhazia Mr. Ankuab, the distortation of many historical phenomena and even feeling discomfort from historical facts worry us. Mr. Ankuab declares that it is Georgians that “invaded territories of immigrants and settled down our homes”. This kind of distortion of the history does not carry any aim other than whitewashing Russia who is the only responsible of Circassian genocide. It is Russia that exterminated villages of immigrants and colonized their territories. We further wonder how the independence of Abkhazia will be strenghtened by trying to cover up Circassians’ historical problems and denying the reality of genocide.

Diaspora is not an instrument through which the official bodies in Caucasus can draw a roadmap for it. A clear example of this attitude in conflict with the definition of Diaspora, is trying to be conducted over the Abkhazian Diaspora. It is obvious that this practice does not serve to anything other than paralyzing Abkhazian Diaspora through isolation. We are not the diaspora of the State of Abkhazia or any other state. Furthermore, what is expected from the state of Abkhazia is not shaping the Diaspora political movements but to make satisfactory explanations about many problems like the Aibga problem, results of agreements for membership to WTO and agreements between Abkhazia and Russia that will end up with annexation, those Adyghes who cannot take Abkhazian citizenship and members of Diaspora that are not given passports. The approach which reads independence of Abkhazia over Russia’s security concerns and showing hostility against Circassian opposition enables us to see the mastermind of the so called vision drawn for the Diaspora. These kinds of attempts in order to manipulate the Diaspora, give opportunity to marginal groups which want to spoil the brotherhood of these nations. It is obvious that any approach that does not indicate any target except other than the alienation of Diaspora to the common pains of Circassia and Abkhazia cannot provide any benefit neither to Diaspora nor to the homeland.

We, as acitivists that elevate our voice against 2014 Sochi Olympic Games and for the genocide fact, will not let our struggle to be moved from its origin. We will not let any state or interest group to manipulate this struggle formed with the dynamics of the diaspora. As proved many times in the past, it will be the Circassian society that will disappoint this planned and organised campaign of Russia over institutions of Circassian society. We drew our perspective of struggle through freedom, universality, conscious of solidarity and effective Diaspora struggle. From this perspective, we see everyone that shares these principles as the shareholder of this struggle.

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