Alexander Tkachev: Kuban Cossacks should protect Russian population

Governor of Krasnodar Territory, Alexander Tkachev said that the Cossacks will defend the rights of Russians in the Kuban. At the same time, the governor underlined that Stavropol Territory is no longer a “filter” between the Caucasus and Kuban, reports.

According to him, due to the intense migration from the Caucasus, the Russia population of the Kuban “feels uncomfortable”.

“The people who once created this region, conquered this fertile region with its hospitable traditions, including Cossacks, year after year are losing their position,” the governor said.

The governor expressed concern that the situation could soon lead to ethnic conflicts. At a meeting of the Krasnodar Ministry of Interior, Alexander Tkachev said that one of the main objectives of the Cossack patrols will be to monitor the migration processes in the region. “We now have to reconfirm our independence, our foundations and traditions. And the number of Caucasian peoples that have formed here, in proportion to the Russian people, Slavic people,” the head of the region said.

“I defend the interests of the Russian people as a majority, 80% of the Kuban, as well as the other ethnicities (not only from the Caucasus), which reside in  our region. This balance existed for years, decades, centuries, and we should appreciate it,” he concluded.

According to the decision of Tkachev of September 1, about a thousand Cossacks will participate in the activities of the law-enforcement bodies along with the police. From September 1 until the end of 2012 the financing of the Cossack police will reach 169 million  rubles. Another 650 million rubles will be allocated  for these purposes in 2013.

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