Circassian villages in Syria under fire

02.11.2012 Friday
Pro-Assad Shabbiha milita supported by Syrian army tanks and soldiers launched an offensive on two Circassian villages located in south-west of Syria close to the Israeli border.
The only two Circassian villages left within the Syrian border after occupation of  Golan Heights after 6 days war in 1967, Beer Ajam and Bareqa are hit by Syrian army.
As a result of the Syrian army attacks aimed to eliminate the alleged camps of the Free Syrian Army in Quneitra valley; two Circassian were killed, 7 Circassian were seriously wounded and 11 Circassian were taken custody by Syrian intelligence “al-Mukhabarat”.
Two Circassian villages, only 1 km distance between them, were home to around 1000 Circassian before the start of the conflict, now populated by a total number of 5000 Circassians, most of them moved from the bombarded districts of Damascus (Kudsiyye – Merj Sultan – Muhacirin – Harasta) by Syrian jets.
After the attacks of Syrian army and pro-Assaed milita that continued 3 days, several Circassian families had  to moved back to Damascus due to lack of appropriate shelter.
There is a lack of drinking water, foods are sold on the black market and many families are living together with 15 to 20 relatives in a single house.
The two Circassians killed in the recent attack:
Muhammad SAID (Tsei) : Brother of well-known public figure Cavdat Said, killed by an artillery fire hit his house.
Yanal Samir TAMZOUK : Killed by a “Shahibba” milita sniper in front of the control point of UN soldiers (Al Kodna) while he was on the way to his village bringing food for the families.  25 years old Tamzouk was the only son of his family.

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