Take Your Murderers and Go Away!

Russian President Vladimir Putin will be in Turkey for a meeting of the high level Strategic Cooperation Council on December 3, 2012.

After a disputed selection process of the IOC, Putin has been conducting a large scale campaign to strip Sochi of its history and identity through the realization of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the historical Circassian capital and land of genocide.

Under Putin’s leadership, 6 Chechen refugees have been assassinated while many others have been threatened by his murderous gangs in Istanbul. The fact that there has been no legal action taken against these gangs, who have also expanded their activities and threatened Circassian activists in Turkey, means that the relationship between the Russian and Turkish governments is highly questionable.

We call on you to join us at a press release in front of the Russian Federation Consulate General in Istanbul to remind them that:

–        Putin himself and his crimes are not welcome in Turkey
–        The relationship between Russia and the government of Turkey, the ruling party AKP has to be questioned on both a legal and an ethical base.

Circassian Rights Initiative
Caucasus House
Caucasus Forum
Circassian Initiative for Democracy
EsKafGencKom (Youth Commission of Eskisehir Caucasus Cultural Association)
IKKD Youth

Date, time: 02.12.12 Sunday, 13:00
Meeting point: Taksim tram stop
Press release in front of the Russian Federation Consulate General in Istanbul

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