We are welcoming a ‘Dictator’

RF President Vladimir Putin will be arriving to Turkey tomorrow for meeting with the High Level Strategic Cooperation Council. The goal of $100 billion trade volume is defined by the highest level of bilateral relations in both countries with a nationwide interest. As we get from statements of the governments and the media of both countries, the tension between Turkey and Russia, because of different perceptions of regional foreign policy, is not going to affect the rotation of mutual relations. People of Turkey will likely follow this visit on an agenda based on the analysis of the mutual gains of the two countries, comparisons of leaderships and personalities of Erdogan and Putin. However, today we are gathering and raising our voices in order to welcome a gang leader dressed in a President suit, in a way he deserves and to expose this illegal, inhumane co-operation.

Putin, who enslaved the entire Caucasus with his dirty politics, has declared a war against democracy with his empire of fear in the regions where his hand can reach. Putin is a dictator who signed many death sentences.
While the ongoing war in Chechnya cost tens of thousands of people to lose their lives, the policies Putin follows serves the spread of war to the entire Caucasus rather than giving it an end.
Today Caucasus is hosting FSB secret prisons where people are being kidnapped and kept imprisoned for many months under torture and experiencing random executions. Entire Russia, especially the streets of Moscow, is being delivered by hand to racist attacks against Caucasians and Central Asians, while Putin is boldly articulating his power by his open support to those racist groups. The territory from the borders of Europe ranges till the Oceans is now surrendered to the Oligarchy of Putin, who is using the conflicts in Caucasus as an excuse.

Putin is severely punishing the slightest opposition against him. Today, the pictures of Anna Politskovskaya, Natalia Estemirova, Stanislav Markelov, that we carry are just a few from the hundreds of intellectuals murdered during the rule of Putin. Those people had no guilt but being the conscience of the People of Russia.
The policies of Putin in the Caucasus is not leaving any civil opposition. Therefore, these policies are dragging the public to militarism and occluding the regional development.
This chaotic environment in the Caucasus where Putin has owed his power is also occluding the social development by causing continuous destruction and massacre.
Federated Republics are transformed into colonial governorships. The local interest groups are reinforced, conflicts and problems between people are constantly urged by fire in the region. Fake / lie campaigns about the history and identity of the region are being organized, and the establishment of bonds with the people of diaspora is being prevented. Also Circassians in diaspora, who driven out of their homeland with a genocide and want to form a connection with the homeland, are facing the obstacles enforced by Putin. Today, it is only Circassian in Syria who can not obtain a visa. This is so because Putin is afraid of the possibility of Circassians gathering together both from the ones living in the Caucasus and in the Diaspora and releasing their historical and cultural awareness.
For this purpose, the Olympics that will be held in Sochi has the main goal of highlighting the region by hiding the Circassian identity and intention of covering up the historical facts.
And yet, Putin, carrying his fear empire beyond the borders of his country, is supporting the dictators by facing the democracy in the Caucasus, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East and struggling to expand his area of influence. He does not avoid putting his financial or military power in charge for his activities of supporting or overthrowing the regimes. In the countries and regions where his tools of intervening is limited, he, himself, is authorizing the intelligence units for establishing the networks of murder which are killing many people. So far, 6 Chechen refugees murdered by these murder networks, and many threats, including the citizens of the Republic of Turkey have took place.
Despite his dirty record, Putin, who committed crimes against humanity on his own people, is being called a ‘friend’ by Prime Minister of Turkey, Erdogan. This is such a friendship that is covering the Putin’s crimes against his own country and against humanity. This is friendship legitimizes the unsolved murder of asylum seekers. Asylum seekers whose lives and safety were under the guarantee of Erdogan and murdered by the order of the Putin. This friendship is concealing the ongoing conflicts for sovereignty and relations of interest lying behind these conflicts. This friendship is providing a visa to the nuclear power plants that can embed potential Chernobyls, while consequences of Chernobyl’s effects are still not reconciled.
We would like to remind Erdogan that many states and leaders can sustain the stability of the relations between their county and Russia while putting a distance in between by considering the sensibilities of not only their own citizens, by also the millions of people of Russia who dislike Putin and are dreaming of a new Russia.
With this friendship, Erdogan, who mentions principles, values and humanity in every step he takes in the Middle East, is now losing his credibility in Syria, Egypt and in all geographies where there is a struggle for democracy.
While we know extremely well about Putin and his applications, we are gathered here informing the public of Turkey the real face of Putin, and to also pass along our remarks to Erdogan: Tell me who is your friend, I will tell you who you are!

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