No to confessions through torture in Russia

Amnesty International started a campaign against confessions through torture in Russia. Petitions are sent to Aleksei Nikolaevich Tsukanov, Head of Directorate of the Prosecutor General’s Office for SKFO in order to investigate the Torture inflicted on Rasul Kudaev.


Take a stand against the widespread use of torture in Russia that is used to extract confessions and testimony. Call on the Russian authorities to effectively investigate the torture inflicted on Rasul Kudaev.

Torture and other ill-treatment is absolutely prohibited under Russian and international human rights law.

Despite this, there are reports that torture and other inhuman and degrading treatment is routinely used by law enforcement officials, including for the purposes of gaining “confessions” or to incriminate other suspects in a criminal case. In most cases, no effective investigation is conducted and the perpetrators enjoy near-total impunity.

Torture in Russia must be stopped. Sign the petition below to stand up for Rasul against this abuse.

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