kNOw Sochi – Olympics on The Land of Genocide

2014 Winter Olympic games will be handled on the land of Circassian Genocide, Sochi. We tried to stop them, we couldn’t.
Now, we try to aware people about Circassian Genocide and origins of Sochi. Also that the place chosen for olympics, was not proper according to Olympic Charter as it is the place where circassians erased from the map.

We have prepared a kit for athletes, which is a box includes historical documents, a guide to introduce Circassian Genocide, stickers, and a beanie with genocide symbol printed on it.

We hope that athletes who are just and couragreous, will stand up, will stand beside us by wearing anti-genocide beanie and by sharing their opposition over traditional and social media.

So, we should bring these kits to more than 300 athletes from 60 different countries. Including shipment, sending these boxes will cost approx. $5000.

We started a fund raising campaign on indiegogo.

Please back us by raising fund or your voice.

Stand with us against blindness to justice.



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