Istanbul premiere of 'No Sochi!' aroused great interest

On Saturday 16th December, the premiere of the documentary movie ‘No Sochi!’ was held yesterday at Levent Cultural Center in Istanbul.

Well known Academics, journalists and artists were among the audience of the screening of the movie which was followed by a Q&A session attended by the director of the movie, Didem Sahin and the main character, Aydan Celik.

The documentary follows up the journey of the Circassian writer and illustrator Aydan Celik towards his roots, describing how Circassians were affected by the Sochi Olmypics. The movie reveals every aspects of the Sochi, telling about how Circassians feel about Olympics, genocide and Sochi, on the other hand showcasing the struggle of the Circassian activists as well as the opinion of the Russian officials.
The movie, one of the finalists in the Al-Jazeera International Documentary Movie Festival, was produced for Al-Jazeera Turk and has been aired by the TV-channel regularly. The director Didem Sahin says, the special screening of movie will be held in many more cities of Turkey as well as in abroad.

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