Know Sochi Kits Are on The Way

We are in the further step of Know Sochi campaign, last one month starting on 20 November and reached its goal of $5000 with your support. We have completed production of kits in the first week of January. According to our research, we have decided the most suitable way to deliver kits to the athlete is sending them to National Olympic Comittees through Germany. Kits arrived to Germany and they are on the way to Olympic Comittees.

Also, more than 90 kits that are prepared to send to the journalists and NGOs in Turkey will be delivered by this week.

At this stage reaching to the athletes and journalists that we have sent the Know Sochi kits over social media and asking for support is among the things we must do. We need your support to spread the message and progress of the campaign and remind the athletes Know Sochi.

We will continue to share the progress.