Project Marsho


One of the most important extents of the human tradegy, which has begun by Russia’s attempt of occupation in Chechnya, is the driving of almost the entire nation into refugee status by exiling them out of their homeland. Chechen defectors disbanded all around the world for the purpose of finding more convenient life circumstances by leaving the other areas connected to Russian Federation and former USSR geographical region, where they currently live under unfavorable conditions, with the gradual enhancing of the violence of the war. Today, a great number of Chechen defectors situated in a plenty of country from Japan to USA are concurrently carrying on their struggle of survival and identity protection. Refugees, who live through their life completely dependent on the opportunities presented them by host countries, are in unfamiliar cultural environments and in unorganized and disorganized manners, are step by step losing their social state of belonging and the duration of disbandment rapidly takes effect. In this duration we observe that the individualist liberation seeking increasingly comes into prominence. Going of the Chechen refugees in an organized and collective struggle is inevitable not only for the accomplishment of the Chechen cause but also in terms of the protection of the Chechen identity.
Although it is not possible for the Chechens living under refugee status, to have the characteristics of being an effective diaspora by themselves in the countries they shelter, they have a chance for creating this influence with the corporations and organizations they have connection with. As well as the fact that, there are some non-governmental organizations sensitive to the Chechnya cause in countries where Chechen refugees live, there are also many organizations relevant to the matter in plenty of countries, where refugees do not exist. Generally, these organizations, which do not have quite influence upon the cause beyond the development of the supporting projects intended for the refugees, act individually rather than interconnected and are also defective in the matter of political organization. In case these organizations begin to develop common activities, the independence issue of Chechnya which is an international issue will be prevented to remain as a local matter.
One of the foremost endeavors of the Russian Federation, which goes all lengths on account of legalizing the dirty war they execute in Chechnya, in regard of the changing global balances especially after the September 11 attacks , has been the concealment of the humanity crimes they carried out against Chechen nation. Because of the Chechen leadership focused on rather military extent of the struggle inside and outside of Chechnya than civilian and humanistic extents, latter dimensions could not be under debate so far. It should be continuously explained to the World that, Russia commits a humanity crime against Chechen nation and this struggle is an historical and national struggle in addition to the political legality of the Chechen national independency war. To create these opportunities as soon as possible, to cut in the whole of mass communication methods, and to expose the realities to the world public opinion by a powerful propaganda are inevitable for breaking the Russia’s disinformation endeavors.

  • To initiate a refugee status campaign intended for the Chechen defectors, who have to live in Turkey for 8 years without owning any status.
  • To establish supporting groups, that are organized through representatives from different regions, for the purpose of carrying out activities devoted to the food, education, health, and law problems.
  • To enhance the communication and solidarity between the refugees living dispersedly in camps and various neighborhoods.
  • To provide connection with Turkey Caucasus Diaspora. To raise the consciousness of the Caucasus diaspora in the matter of Chechen struggle, to support the civilian and political attempts
  • To collect brochures, files, introductory films, and human stories for the purpose of increasing the enlightenment.
  • To whistle up support from the universities and non-governmental organizations for the academic and political struggles.
  • To provide connection and coordination with Chechen university students.


  • To form a global umbrella organization.
  • To present the genocide Russia executes in Chechnya to the world public opinion.
  • To establish an international compulsion mechanism oriented to the current perpetrations of Russia.
  • To increase the recognition of the identity and culture of the Chechen nation.
  • To put an international pressure on the countries, which are not behaving appropriately for UN’s refugee criteria despite the accommodation of the Chechen defectors.
  • To strengthen the communication and interaction among the Chechen refugees from different countries.
  • To enhance and coordinate the relations between all of the civilian supporters, non-governmental organizations, political groups, and individuals, of the Chechen struggle.
  • To collect the war crimes and accomplish legal arrangements related to the matter.


  • Activities will be reconfigured after collecting the previous studies of Caucasus Forum and re-evaluating them.
  • Regional representatives will be chosen in regions where Caucasus Forum is organized, for the purpose of conducting regional studies within the framework of the project.
  • All studies and current news within the framework of the project will be announced in the web portal.
  • Contact with university students will be conducted and probable common projects that can be implemented will be considered.
  • A judicial campaign with public support will be initiated for the purpose of granting refugee status to the defectors. With focus on certain human stories, the necessity of recognizing rights of Chechen people will be emphasized.
  • For the purpose of constituting the bases of an international organization, a study group with expertise of foreign language will be formed.
  • A multilingual web page will be composed before the international organization of the project starts.
  • It will be communicated with non-governmental organizations from various countries and a call for an international organization will be done.
  • Project Marsho as well as being the unofficial name of the newly established structure will take its place in the new structure in order to represent the Turkey side of the organization.

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