Russian Provocation In Circassia

Russian Federation is disturbed by Circassian organizations who are supporting the unification of the Circassian people who live in three different republics. The attitude of ICA (International Circassian Association), which is a puppet organization and which had previously initiated a propaganda war against the opposite organization acting in the same way, has not become satisfying and barbaric methods which we had seen examples of before, have been put into effect. We perceive the operations of Russia, who appeal to artificial problems and try to protect artificial boarders and identities that itself, drew, to crash the civilian leaders, as the answer to the Circassian desire for unity.
The so-called Circassian Balkarian and Circassian Karachay “Conflict” did not have any response neither from Caucasus nor from Diaspora and this was the first answer given to the dirty politics of Russia. Circassians and Balkarian people have noticed that territory law is Russia’s new provocation and they have not been up to Russia’s trick. Russia did not take its pick and now by punishing the Circassian civil society leaders, tries to prevent the unification movements and marginalize the civil movement. This danger can only be destructed by the harsh, planned and civil responses of large majority of civilian populations. Our people in the native country who neutralized the provocations through societal reactions and demonstrations they organized and who we believe that they will annihilate this dramatic performance, need parallel reactions from the Diaspora.
Now, it is time to get together around the leaders of civil society organisations and not leave them alone in their struggle. We call all Caucasian people primarily the Circassian people in Caucasus and Diaspora to get against the provocations targeted against the leaders of the Circassian civil society organisations!
Caucasus Forum

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