Authorities of Maikop and Nalchik failed to coordinate mass street actions in support of Syrian Circassians




The mass street actions in support of Syrian Circassians scheduled in Maikop and Nalchik on September 23 have been cancelled, as reported by the members of the organizing committee for the actions. Now, the actions will be held in the form of solo pickets and meetings.

Azamat Berzegov, one of the organizers of the actions, told the “Caucasian Knot” that a rally in Nalchik was not allowed by local authorities. “Our application said that the rally would be up to one thousand people strong. However, the rally was not allowed due to the fact that recently the CTO (counterterrorist operation) regime was cancelled in Nalchik,” he has explained.

The initiators of the action in Nalchik decided that the event would be held in the form of a meeting.

According to Berzegov, the scheduled picket in Maikop was cancelled because of recall of a signature of one of the applicants. “The notification about the picket was submitted by three applicants; and it was planned that up to 100 persons would take part. Yesterday, one of the applicants withdrew his signature,” said Berzegov.

The exact reason for the withdrawal is unknown. Berzegov suggested that “it was because of the pressure from the authorities.”

Meanwhile, according to Arthur Bagadirov, the head of the youth movement “Adyge Khase-Circassian Parliament” of Adygea, a solo picket in support of Syrian Circassians will be held in Maikop.


Author: Asya Kapaeva; Source: CK correspondent

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