War Torn Circassians arrive in Turkey

Circassians who had fled from Syria to Lebanon as refugees are being transported to refugee camps in Turkey. First procession of the Circassians arrived in southeastern Turkish province city of Gaziantep on Thursday.

First Procession comprises around 171 Syrian Circassians who had been waiting a long time in Beirut after they had fled to Syria’s neighboring country of Lebanon arrived in Turkey.

Ayob Doghouz, A Circassian made same explanations to Cihan News agency just before departing from Lebanon. Doghouz said they were stayed in two clashing groups in Syria. “We can’t be a part of any clashing units in Syria. Our young boys were been forced to be part of one of the clashing groups. We are so happy that we will be in Turkey,” noted Doghouz.

Lona Cenahis, another Circassian stated that they had to flee because they had big problems in Syria. “We enjoyed very much indeed that the Circassians, who live in Turkey helped us. We are safe now. I hope we will be in peace in Turkey,” added Cenahis.

Meanwhile, Circassians came to Beirut Airport just hours before their flight. After completing check- in process, they were boarded to plane and they left for Turkey.

Ekrem Harun, made some explanations to Cihan on the way to Turkey. Harun said that they very happy that we are flying to Turkey now. “We hope that the war will end in a near- future and we turn back to Syira again,” Harun noted.

Haci Ismet Muhammed another refugee said that Thanks God that they were in Turkey. “God bless you. We were in a big annoyance. God helped us. We survived from cruelty. May god gives us benefaction,” said Muhammed

Kenan Kaplan Executive Board Manager of World Circassians said that they were so happy that they brought the Circassians, who were in trouble in Syria. “ Our people were struggle to stay live in Syria where they were under cruelty,” noted

There are many Circassians are still in a hard conditions in the camps where in Jordan and Lebanon.

Courtesy of Cihan

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